Baby Update: 16 Weeks

A Blonde's Point of View

 Well, hello! Baby Hill is now 16 weeks! Can’t believe it has already been 4 months! How crazy!

Peanut is far from peanut sized… With this weeks fruit comparison being an avocado (4.5-5 inches).

Also, according to my pregnancy tracking apps, at the stage in the game baby can hear my voice now! Better start making sure I sing in tune when jamming in the car 🙂

GenderUpdate: I still have 4 more long weeks to wait until we know if Baby Hill is a gal or a gent. I will continue to anxiously await that news!

Cravings: The only thing I have even remotely craved in my daily diet is milk. Which is strange because I am not usually that much of a milk drinker. However, if baby wants milk… Mummy drinks it.

Other than that baby just likes food, which is okay with me…since I like…

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