The Fight with Prenatal Vitamins

Regarding the poll above, I was one of the lucky women who could not keep prenatal vitamins down, whether they were normal ones or gummy. I could take them at different parts of the day and still…the pill would come right back up.

After many weeks of getting sick (literally) and fed up with the whole vitamin thing, I came up with a new solution to try out.

Powdered vitamins!

Genius right? Well, you can get this prenatal vitamin version on Amazon…however they are EXPENSIVE! $30 for a month supply kind of expensive.

Must be great if you can afford it…I am not one of those people. So, I came up with my own solution.

I kept the prenatals I was attempting to take, and put them in my NutriBullet and made a smoothie. And would you have guessed, THEY STAYED DOWN!

So now, every day for breakfast, I make myself a tasty smoothie and make sure to throw in my prenatals as well.

Perhaps pregnancy makes my body not be able to break down vitamins and medicines like before, but I will take whatever works to make sure my little peanut is getting the healthy supplements it needs to grow big and strong!

Also, to add to my adultness, I drink my tasty smoothie in a Disney tumbler. Yes, adulthood is fabulous. 😉

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