Baby Update: The halfway mark!

A Blonde's Point of View

 Those of you confused by the headline of this post…it is correct! We are officially half way through cooking up this tiny baby! Amazing and scary how fast time goes, isn’t it?

Baby Hill is measuring in at about the size of a MANGO! So about 6.5 inches long and weighing around 10 ounces!

I am excited to say that this week the bump has made a slight appearance and it is becoming noticeable now! YAY!

My husband laughs and tells me I am probably the only woman who is excited about gaining weight and having clothing feel tighter…he is probably right. 😉

Gender: My little brother, who will be known as “Uncle Sam” to the peanut, thinks SHE is a little GIRL! We will see soon enough if he is correct!

Still have 19 more days to wait till be find out what anatomy Peanut has! (Yes, I…

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