The “my pants won’t button” moment

For the past 19 weeks I have been wishing and wondering when I would be getting enough of a belly so that people would start actually believing I was pregnant.

The moment has come! I officially have trouble buttoning my pants and zipping certain dresses!

Now, although I was excited about this, I also had a hard time with the fact that none of my favourite clothing was zipping/buttoning. Being one who has also been a bit self-conscious about my weight, I had to pep talk myself into realizing there were ways I could fix this happy dilemma I am facing.

However, being on the tight budget we are on, I am needing to make my clothes last a bit longer before purchasing maternity wear. (Especially since the bump is still not THAT big yet.)

 So, I am truly loving in the “hair tie button” technique. which is extremely useful. For those who are unaware with this technique, basically you just get a hair tie and loop it around your button-hole, and then put it on your button. Simple and helps you get an extra couple inches from your jeans.

Another easy technique to help you get more wear out of your pre-maternity clothing is layering. Layering with a tank top can hide any unbutton/unzipped pants. Also, if you happen to be a mommy who gained a cup size or two, layering can help get more wear out of your dresses and shirts that may be too revealing now.

Layering with a cardigan or a vest also helps to cover up those pesky bra straps. Since, let’s be real, not wearing a bra is really not an option when you’re pregnant.

Also, keep in mind ladies…if one of your favourite dresses is becoming to short due to the bump, leggings are your best friend! (Again, layering it up!)

Below I have posted some pics of my outfits I have managed to conjure up from the items I have in my closet. Hopefully, they can give you some ideas on ways you, yourself, can overcome the “my pants won’t button” panic.

Now, I know that pregnancy makes you tired and some days, you really want nothing more than to wear your sweatpants all day long. But remember, just because you are pregnant does not mean you have to dumb down your style choices.

I know that waking up one day and having none of your clothing fit can be hard for us to handle, especially with the world being so judgmental on women’s’ bodies.

Keep your chin up, put a smile on your face, and be proud of your growing belly! All you need to learn to do is work with it with little tricks and fixes to keep up your fashionable appearance. 🙂

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