Who doesn’t love a good app?

2015-06-27 19.33.29With being new to this mum thing, I could not help but search high and low for apps to help guide my adventure.

I am not talking super fancy apps that require tons of my time, but simple apps that make my pregnancy more exciting and fun! With the occasional dash of educational reading so that I know the answers I have to my questions.

Below are four apps I think EVERY mum, new or experienced, should get because, well, they are amazing. 🙂

What to Expect1. “What to Expect” app

This app is awesome because it tracks your pregnancy, gives you weekly updates on what is new with baby’s development, explains what is going on with your body changes, and gives you tons of articles and websites to go read and learn more about questions you might have cross your mind while pregnant.

This app is FREE (which makes it even better) and with the weekly updates gives you a cute veggie/fruit size comparison for you to have a cute little visual of your growing little human.

MyBabyBeat2. “MyBabyBeat” app

Now, I have recently bought this app because it was recommended to me by a friend who recently had a baby. This app allows you to listen to the baby’s heart beat through your phone’s microphone.

When reading most of the reviews of this app, they say you can’t hear a heart beat until you are about 30 weeks. However, I am not even 21 weeks and I can hear it!

Now, I am not saying this is the best quality, like you get at your OB’s, but it is nice to be able to make out a little heart beat and know your little one is doing alright.

This app cost $4.99. Which, in my opinion, is pretty pricey for an app. I have had so much fun with it since I bought it…and my husband and I love listening to our little one’s heart beat. Brings us so much happiness and comfort.

Baby Kicks3. “Baby Kicks” app

I have also recently downloaded this app. It is exactly what you would think. This app is an easy way to track baby’s movements. I am not yet in the part of my pregnancy where the Doctor has asked me to track baby’s movements, but you can never start practicing this routine too early.

This app is extremely simple, but gets the job done. It was FREE in the app store and, I think, it is quite a helpful little tool to have on my phone.

Preggie4. “Preggie” app

Now, for all my social mama’s out there, this app is for you! This app is new, but extremely helpful with connecting with a community of ladies going through the same journey you are.

This app has discussion boards, links you up with other mummies in your area, and makes it easy for you to get real answers from real people. This app is FREE as well, which makes it worth the download and the time exploring its possibilities.

I know there are tons and tons of apps out there for pregnancy, but these specific apps I have enjoyed most and found extremely useful thus far in my pregnancy journey.

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