Pregnancy symptoms you eventually can laugh at

So, you hear so many things about pregnancy growing up…especially about the different symptoms you have. Well, I have three that you just have to laugh at, even when they really drive your crazy.

IMG_31461. Nausea/Morning Sickness

This symptom sucks. I won’t sugar coat it. Some women even have it throughout their entire pregnancy! With this symptom, you almost have to just realize that it’s going to happen and most of the time you can’t do anything to help it.

I was one of those who has constant nausea throughout my first trimester. Thankfully, it is now gone, but it made me pretty miserable for those few months.

My students would ask me why I was munching on crackers all morning, usually I would look at them and say, “I am hungry, don’t judge me!” Really, my brain was saying, “So I don’t throw up on you while we talk about our class novel.”

Now that my pregnancy is known to all, my students make sense of my constant cracker munching during class time. I, now, can look back a find amusement in that symptom (don’t think I would have found it at all funny 3 months ago).


I had to pee a lot in the beginning of my pregnancy, mainly because of all the water I was taking in. Now, I am peeing because the little peanut of mine likes to sit on my bladder, causing me the need to pee way more than I would like.

Again, all I can do is laugh at how much I have to use the restroom (especially at night now)…at least I have a tiny someone to blame. I also have amazing coworkers who will watch my class for me if I am in dire need of a restroom run!

2014-05-30-5OPGLbU3. Mood Swings

One moment I am happy, the next I am sad. Mood swings. Women get them in general, but man can they be worse during pregnancy.

I have woken up in an extremely rotten mood…for no reason. My poor husband is adjusting to some of the mood swings, and we have learned to laugh at them when I am back to my happy-self.

Luckily, if I catch myself feeling in a weird mood, I warn people so they know what is happening. Eventually, the weird mood goes away and I am good again.

It’s crazy how something so tiny can change your body so much that you have all these different symptoms. After 9 months of being a nauseated, bladder control losing, psycho lady…you will have a beautiful baby that makes all the symptoms worth it. However, be warned, I hear some of these symptoms never go away. 😉

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