Baby Update: It’s a….!!!

A Blonde's Point of View

IMG_3144So, excitingly enough I was able to push my ultrasound foward, making it possible to find out Baby Hill’s gender a week earlier than planned. My impatient side got the best of me.

(Also, since this post is happening at the same time as my normal biweekly baby post, I will pick that up again at 23 weeks.)

However, before I get to the exciting news of what gender Peanut is, I figured it would be fun to share some old wives tales that I did to “predict” baby’s gender prior to the appointment.

  • Morning sickness/nausea – I had terrible nausea throughout the entire first trimester of my pregnancy. This wives tales indicates: GIRL
  • Chinese Gender Calendar – This one is easy, you just took up your month of conception (February) and match it with your age when it happened (25). Results: BOY
  • Mayan Gender Calendar – This is similar…

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