My prego wardrobe “must have”

Everyone has that staple piece of clothing in their closet that they know they can throw on whenever they need to. However, with the growing bump, this piece of clothing can change into something else.

I use to love wearing my jeans, but that is slowly getting less cute and more WOAH as the bump grows.

Now it seems my go-to outfit includes a different article of clothing. Maxis! I love my maxi skirts and dresses and don’t know what I would do without them. Seriously.

With most maxis being a soft, stretchy material, they are perfect for wearing throughout the stages of your pregnancy and adding to the cuteness of the bump. Plus, with the softness of the material, maxis are as comfy as pajamas, while looking professional and stylish for all occasions.

Where might you find cute maxis that won’t break your bank account? Below are a few places that you may want to look when maternity clothes shopping for basics (tanks, tees, skirts, etc.) that aren’t necessarily a maternity type store.

  • H&M: This store has some maternity items, but if you’re looks for basics at an awesome price this is one place to stop. H&M tends to have good quality clothes when it comes to basic tanks, tees, and other bodycon-type clothing.
  • TJ Maxx: I love this store because it has designer clothing at a cheaper price. This store has all sorts of clothing, and at the moment, is packed with cute maxi dresses! I found a maxi dress I LOVED a couple of months ago and ended up buying it in three colors. (This store also has some super cute baby clothes and accessories if you are in need of some new goodies for your little one!)
  • Charlotte Russe: Now, the key to shopping here is to hit when they have some awesome sales on their maxis. After working at this store for a year or so, my suggestion is browse and scope out what you like, then go buy it on a Saturday when they have their “Happy Hour” sale! Just yesterday I bought 4 maxi skirts for $10 each! Also, if you happen to be a student or military, make sure you show your ID to get an extra 10% off your purchase! Can’t beat that. šŸ™‚
  • Forever 21: This is my final suggestion for cheap basics because, well, it’s Forever 21, which is known for its affordable clothing. My only warning with this (since I worked here for over 2 years) is you get what you pay for. Forever 21 clothing tends to be cheapest, yes, but after a few washes it will fade, stretch, shrink, and sometime develop little holes. Also, watch out for see-through material when buying skirts and dresses from here!
  • Target: Who doesn’t love this store? The clothing quality is great and the prices aren’t too shabby when it comes to the basics! I love buying tees and tanks here because they always have some sort of deal. Also, Target has a nice looking maternity section if you want something pregnancy specific.

    (Extra Tip: If you can download the Cartwheel app for Target, they give you coupons on clothing sometimes!)

These are five stores I like to browse when looking to buy maternity basics that won’t break my bank account. Obviously some maternity clothes you need to pay more for, such as proper pants, cute dresses, etc. However, if you can save a penny here or there when buying some wardrobe basics, then I am glad I could help out.

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