DIY: Foam Closet Dividers

So, my husband and I are currently living in a two bedroom apartment, with a cat and a dog. (Yes, things can be cramped). And in just a few months we will be adding a tiny human to our family.

Making room for the peanut has been pretty easy so far, since we are making the spare room into her room. The only problem with that is… The spare room closet is currently filled with my things.

IMG_3226Luckily, we have a rack shelf from my moms we are going to mount and use at baby’s closet for the time being. But with so many baby clothes, organizations is key. Especially with all the different sizes and how fast the tiny ones grow once they make their big arrival.

One thing I had seen on Pinterest and wanted to create were “Closet Dividers”. However, most of the ones that appeared and were printable were rings, and knowing my luck they would constantly fall off. So, I improvised to create my own version of closet dividers for my little Peanut.

*Please note I am not the most artistic person in the world, but you’ll get the basic ideas.

Materials Needed: The only materials  you will need for this are;

  • Foam Door Hangers (Michael’s Craft Store – $8)
  • Fun Foam Stickers (Michael’s Craft Store – $2.99 per bag)
  • Paint or a Sharpie
  • Ribbon

Once you have all those, decide how many hangers you will use and put them in the color order you prefer. For mine, I created 7 dividers (newborn, 3 mo, 6 mo, 9 mo, 12 mo, 18 mo, and 24 mo.)

Then it’s sticker time! Decide which stickers you want on which divider and go crazy! I loved all the cute animal stickers for mine, but you could keep in simple with shapes…they even had GLITTER shapes (the temptation was real).IMG_3224

Once you have stuck on all your stickers you can go to the labeling part of the dividers.

I chose to use paint because I had some handy. Sharpie or a paint marker would have been MUCH easier (and probably neater), but paint worked fine.

Let the label dry completely. Then, get some ribbon and hang!

These cute little dividers will be easy organization for Baby Hill’s clothing, and make mummy and daddy’s lives easier when dressing our little peanut. Plus, with cute animals and bright colors, who doesn’t like these adorable DIY closet dividers! 🙂

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