Baby Update: 25 weeks! (& it’s my birthday!)

A Blonde's Point of View

 That is right, I am officially 26-years-old and Peanut is 25 weeks along in the womb!

This week my little lady is the size of a Rutabaga. Kind of a strange comparison… Anyways, this means baby is around 9 inches long and weighing around 1.7 pounds.

Not much new has happened in the past couple of weeks. Baby still kicks and moves A LOT! I can even see some of her movements now, which is a bit creepy, but awesome! She seems to kick most whenever mummy eats spicy foods or drinks sweet tea.

She also loves when I sing to her. Normally, I stick with Disney songs since they sound nice. Although, no matter the tune I am singing too, someone starts to move around and dance.

Already loving Disney and she is not even here yet…Daddy may be in trouble! 😉

She is growing bigger and bigger…

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