Feeling a bit bump-conscience…

  Over the last month I have gone from fitting my jeans to not fitting a majority of my closet. 

While I am thrilled to be showing off a baby bump, I can’t help but feel a bit self conscience when it comes to my new shape. 

It’s like overnight I gained this little bump and I am beginning to realize how much it’s really caused a change. 

(Plus, I finally had to take out my belly button ring… This was a milestone for me that took some adjusting.)

Anyways, last night I attempted to buy a cute dress for my baby shower this weekend. I brought the hubby along because he has good taste and I figured I could use some extra eyes helping me properly dress the bump…

Let’s just say I cried once, and went home dress less and grumpy (I did buy some Oreos to relieve my emotions though)

Although that was a terrible attempt to buy something cute, my husband made the point to tell me how I have a closet full of cute clothes that I’ll still look good in, bump and all, and that people will still think ill look cute, especially with the bump.

At the time I was grumpy and blew off his comment. However, this morning after thinking about it, I realized he was right. 

Even though I feel a bit bump conscience at the moment, doesn’t mean I can’t still look good and feel confident in my new prego “mom-bod”. 

So, with a happier outlook on my bump fashion, I went and got my nails done… And perhaps bought some new shoes. 😉 

So, if you’re feeling a bit down or aelf conscience about how much weight your gaining and all these crazy body changes that’s happening with your pregnancy, remember… 

You’re growing a tiny human inside you! You are amazing and beautiful and all the emotions and changes will be worth it when you get to hold your little one for the first time. 

Keep your chin up fellow mommies! And I will do my best to do the same 🙂

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