MUST READ: The “jean” saver!

We all have had the moment. You’re getting dressed, putting on your favourite pair of jeans…and they won’t button. You can get away with the hair band trick for a few months..but what do you do when you can’t even zip those jeans, let alone button them?

Make a Target run, obviously.

A friend of mine suggested this product to me earlier on in my pregnancy, and I owe her big time. I just recently “popped” where people can tell I am pregnant (not just fat haha). So my favourite jeans won’t remotely button.

I remembered my friend’s suggestion and headed to Target to see what I can find. Sure enough! There, right in front of me, was the best invention someone could have created to help out the pregnant mommies out there.

BeBand by Igrid and Isabel!

IMG_3534They are in the maternity section and come in three colors; white, black and nude. I bought nude since I was worried the other colors would show through some of my tops.

I am 8 months pregnant and can still wear my jeans. This invention is similar to the sewn in bands that come on maternity pants. However, I didn’t want to spend tons on maternity clothes. So, this makes it so I can wear my pants, I just leave them unbuttoned, unzipped and the belly band keeps them from falling down.

This was the best $17 I have ever spent. Again, to all my mommy friends out there…I highly recommend this product.

You’re welcome and I hope this helps some mommies out there keep wearing their cute clothes even with the constantly growing belly. 🙂

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