Preparing your furbabies for baby

As you can see in my “about me” section, my little family has two furbabies who we love very much. We have a 15-year-old cat named Mia, and a 2-year-old pup named Morrison.

IMG_3911Now, with all animals, getting them adjusted to a tiny human that will be entering their world soon is very important. We aren’t as worried about our cat, as we are about our puppy.

Morrison is a very needy puppy and has a tendency to have anxiety and worry a lot. So, he is the main reason for this post…I have a three simple suggestions to getting your furbaby introduced to baby things prior to your little one’s arrival.

1.Allow the furbabies to explore baby’s room.

I know with my darlings, as soon as we started putting furniture up they were curious as to what all the changes were. So, every time I go into baby’s nursery, I make sure to let our animals have a sniff around.

Although, be careful. Our mischievous little puppy tried to steal a couple of baby’s stuffed animals to claim as his own. Don’t worry, I saved the toys from puppy slobber and annihilation. Cheeky puppy!

2. Start putting baby things around the places where your animals go.

For example, we recently added the baby’s car seat to the back of my car so that Morrison would get use to sharing the back seat when we go places. To my surprise he did a great job sharing! I was a proud mommy, no doubt.

We also put the baby’s pack-and-play and Moses basket in the bedroom so Morrison would get use to the area where baby will be during bedtime.

3. Getting them use to rough petting, poking and pulling.

Now, obviously animals are not used to having tails and ears pulled by adult humans. However, once baby gets big enough they will not be as gentle as the furbabies are used to. So, we make sure our animals are adjusted to less-gentle handling.

For Morrison, we give his tail and little hold and mess with his ears so he will be okay with it once baby gets to that stage.

  For Mia, we just give her some harder pets, which she doesn’t mind. (She is my bigger concern when baby gets curious…grumpy, old cat + curious baby = kitty biting)

At the end of the day, we don’t want either of our furbabies to feel threatened by the new family member they will soon have. We want them to love baby as much as we love baby… and as much as we the two of them.

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