gallery Baby Update: Welcome, Aurora!

A Blonde's Point of View

IMG_1221Well ladies and gents, I am proud to say our peanut has finally arrived (6 day late) and she is beautiful and healthy.

Her name? Although many think it may actually be Peanut, is actually Aurora.

So you get an idea of how my labor and delivery went, I decided to write this post a bit like a timeline.

Friday, November 13 at 2PM: We had a doctors appointment where they did an ultrasound to check my amniotic fluid, I had to also do a non-stress test and see my OB.

The test all came back perfect, so when we saw my OB she said we could induce Tuesday if baby did not arrive on her own. At that appointment I was only 3cm dilated, but my doctor said my cervix was easy to manipulate and told me, after she messed with it, that I would have some cramping and…

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