Review: Posh Pushers

A friend and fellow expecting mother recommended getting a Posh Pusher for labor and delivery.

What is a Posh Pusher you ask?

It’s an cute version of a labor and delivery gown that you can customize to suit your own style and personality.

I would recommend this product to any expecting mother. It is fabulous!

Firstly, they have so many gown patterns to choose from, and you get to pick from many colors for the ribbon as well. I, being obsessed with pink, chose the pink with white polka dots gown and a matching pink ribbon.

The gown fit perfectly. Gave me plenty of room to be comfortable all while being a flattering length. With the ribbon it showed off my cute figure (however, I took the ribbon off once I got situated).

To add to its awesomeness, it is closed in the back with Velcro, making it easy to get an epidural but also keeping from everyone seeing your tush if you have to walk the hallways.

The gowns also have Velcro at the top of the shoulders to make it easy access for popping that baby on the boob.

The only thing I could see as a problem with this product is the Velcro pieces have the potential to come off depending on how well they are sewn on to the gown.

The gown was $60 and worth every penny in my book.

It took about 3 weeks from the time they received my payment for my gown to arrive in the mail, so be sure to order your gown with plenty of time before your due date.

Size measurements and other cute products are on their site.

I could not be more impressed with my Posh Pusher. Like I said before, I would highly recommend this product to any expecting mother.

So, if you are interested I encourage you to check out their website. They also have Facebook and Instagram and you can see photos of other mothers in their cute, stylish Posh Pusher gown!

I look forward to the next time I am able to order another Posh Pusher… Which will be a couple years from now, but it will happen no doubt!

Posh Pusher labor and delivery gowns add to the personalization and specialness of the labor and delivery process, all while making mummies feel special and stylish while welcoming their new baby into the world.

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