The Feeding Struggle: Part 1 

Shortly after giving birth to my daughter, I was told to see if she would latch. Like a champ she was able to latch on both sides, no problem. 

However, being a new mummy and not knowing what a proper latch looked like meant I thought my baby was latching properly, but she was not. 

Luckily, a lactaite nurse came by our room for nearly a hour to help me out. We quickly realized that my daughter could latch, but it was too shallow to properly get the milk amount she needs, plus she was making me feel like she was going to suck my nipples right off. 

Plus, when my milk came in, it made latching even more hard for my little peanut due to the added firmness she was not use to.

  At first, I was a little sad. I know that breastfeeding is a bonding thing and I was worried that my baby would be missing that. 

  I worried I was a horrible mother already because I couldn’t help her… And when I try to have her latch, she gets extremely frustrated and cries. 

It’s heart breaking. (Look at that unhappy, little face!)

However, after having some time to reflect on the situation, I realized that I was still able to pump and that’s more than some moms are able to do. 

My baby may not latch, but I can pump enough milk for her to still be able to get, what I believe, is something important for her development and growth. 

I still bond with my baby as we bottle feed her. She makes eye contact with me while she eats and she loves it. Plus, her daddy also gets that bonding too since he helps with feeding. 
The situation is not ideal, but I am just happy I can pump breastmilk for my darling and help her stay healthy and growing strong. 

I learned through this frustrating experience that there is always a silver lining.

 All mums have their own struggles when it comes to newborns. Being able to not breastfeed does not make me a bad mother. As long as I do my best to ensure the best for my peanut, that makes me the best mum I can ever hope to be. 

So, the until the next feeding update…☺️🍼

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