30 day #fitmomchallenge

 So, I have decided I need to start losing the last 5lbs I gained while prego… As well as tighten up all those pesky areas that make me self conscience.

After my 6 week check up I was cleared to resume exercise. I started by walking 2 miles, a few days a week, with my sister (who nannies a 6mo old baby boy.)

Walking was a nice start to getting back into a routine. I still walk with her as many weekdays as possible… Whether we walk 1 mile or 3. It’s good for us and the babies.

However, since it’s been a while REALLY working out (not just walking) and I don’t want to overdo it and quit, I made a 30 day challenge that eases us new mummies into an exercise routine once again.

It has some basic cardio (I can’t run to save my life so there are intervals on some days), squats, push ups, and ab exercises to hit most major areas of the body.

All of this can be done without equipment! Done at home, at your own pace, using your own motivation!

Want the calendar? Here it is! fitmomchallenge

Now, I get that sometimes it’s hard to exercise with a needy baby who wants to be held. You can break up the exercise during the day, or do it all at once. The cardio takes the longest, but I can manage to do the rest throughout the day.

You can hold the baby while you squat, or do some push ups while you heat up a bottle.

If you make time, you’ll see it doesn’t take as long as your might  think to get a bit of exercise in.

I am starting off today (Monday) and I have a start weight of 154.8 pounds.

Prior to getting pregnant I was around 147 pounds, but my goal weight would be somewhere around the 135 pound mark, which was my weight when I got married.

Obviously I won’t (healthily) lose that much weight in 30 short days, but the goal here is the start getting back into the swing of working out.

Don’t forget, “abs are made in the kitchen”. Meaning you can work out all you want, but if your diet doesn’t improve as well you won’t see the results you want. So, try to not stop by Chickfila or Dunkin when you drive by… 😉

If you are in the same boat as me, give this 30 day challenge a try. I will blog every week about my success and failures so far in the challenge.

I would love to hear your results to getting fit after baby as well!

It’s just a step in the right direction for a healthy lifestyle for you and for your baby. Good luck!


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