4 New Mum MUST-haves! 

So, you get a ton of random baby crap from family, friends, coworkers… Is it all useful? 

You’ll learn this yourself quickly that you won’t use all the stuff people give you… Unless it’s diapers, wipes and onesies. 

However, these are a few things I bought myself that I think all new moms should at least consider buying before baby. (Or someone nice can get it for them, hint hint) 

1. Nose Frida   

    This may look gross, but all babies get boogers and need them removed so they can breathe. 

    I find (as I call it) the brain sucker to be horribly uncomfortable for removing boogers. Who in their right mind enjoys having air blown up their nose and then sucking something out? No one! 

    With the Nose Frida you just suck the boogers out and, don’t worry, there is a filter to avoid you sucking any down your throat. 

    This little contraption I picked up at Target, and it makes for a happier baby when you are removing those pesky boogers from their little nose holes. 

    2. Glow-in-the-dark pacifiers 

     This one is genius! We co-sleep with our darling and their is nothing worse than trying to find her binky in the middle of the night. 

    I happened to find my pacifier brand, MAM, on Amazon with a glow-in-the-dark option. 

    Best $10 bucks ever spent! Makes life much easier with those exhausting, late night feeds.

    3. Aidan and Anais Swaddle Blankets 

     These things are great and I received them as a gift! 

    They are longer than normal swaddle clothes so it makes the swaddling process (especially for new parents) much easier!

    They are also lightweight! So baby won’t melt if it’s warm out. But you can wrap it around or fold up to make warmer if needed. 

    You can buy these swaddle blankets online, or in some department stores. 

    4. Exergen Temperal Scanner Infared Thermometer  

     This thing is great for quickly checking baby’s (or your) temperature. 

    Just hold the button and scan their forehead and you have an accurate temperature reading. 

    I also enjoy that this is not invasive like the basic thermometer that has to go in their little butthole to be accurate. 

    It’s easy and effective and I recommend it for new mummies. You can pick this gem up at Target and other retail stores. 

    I hope that these four recommendations help you with your new little one. They certainly have made my life easier with an infant. 🙂

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