Review: Solly Baby Wrap

  Before my daughter was born I looked into ways to carry baby. Do you have any idea how many options there are out there?!! 

Did I want a baby backpack, a wrap, a sling? Which brand should I get? 

I did tons of research. Yes, there are some brands that are amazing, however I also had a budget. 

One of the best brands at a reasonable price is Solly. These baby wraps come in multiple colors and are extremely comfortable and easy to put on. 

I purchased a dark grey wrap that has tony lighter polka dots on it. These wraps are extremely fashionable for the modern mummy. 

Before carrying my daughter around in the wrap, I practiced putting on and taking off the wrap.

Then I baby wore around the house while doing things like dishes, or walking the dog around our apartment complex. 

  There are two different carries: newborn and regular carry. The Solly Baby Wrap website has how-to videos on getting the wrap on properly and putting baby in it safely.

I absolutely LOVE this wrap, especially for carrying young babies. 

This wrap is great for carrying babies on your front until they are around 25lbs. Once my daughter gets that big I will look into a baby backpack of some sort. 

I could not be more happy with my choice in purchasing a Solly Baby Wrap. I use mine to carry baby while grocery shopping, dinner with friends and even while I do housework. 

I would highly recommend this awesome baby product to every expecting and new mother! 

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