Baby Update: 3 months old! 

A Blonde's Point of View

Along with it being Valentine’s Day (my least favourite holiday…ever) it is also the little peanut’s 3 months!

Crazy to think how fast time of going… Wasn’t she just in my belly all wiggly and squished?

Height & weight: We don’t go back to the doctors until 4 months, but by weighing her on my own, she seems to be around 13 lbs 6 ounces!

Clothing: Aurora is fitting 3 month clothing. Our favourite things to wear are our footie pajamas, long sleeve onesies and leggings (since Florida has had some cooler weather lately!).

We still don’t like socks and will do anything we can to kick them off.

Sleeping: Well, we are working on getting a proper sleeping routine down. Aurora sleeps from about 9pm till nearly 7am every day!

Still not the best napper, unless at Gami’s house… But we’re still working on it.


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