Babies are gross…

So, people tell you all sorts of things about babies when you have one. However, they tend to miss out on some of the less lovely things that babies do. 

   1. Blow outs

Yes we all know blowouts happen, and we always think “that’ll never happen to MY baby”. 

Don’t lie to yourself. Blow outs happen and they are GROSS. 

Just the other day my little princess had a blow out EVERYWHERE and she even managed to get her hands in it. Now, since she is 3 months, sucking on her hands is a big thing. So… Just imagine my  slow mo movie dive to scoop her up and keep her poop hands away from her mouth.

It’s okay to laugh, I certainly did. I mean, I DID stop to take a video to send to my family to enjoy the moment with…

That happened to be a big enough blow out that I just jumped right into the shower with her to avoid the mess getting in more places than it was. 

So yea. Blow outs happen. Sometimes on you, in their car seat, in your bed. Just be prepared… It WILL happen to you one day. 

  2. Boogers 

Yes babies get boogers in their noses and you are the only one who can help them. 

You are probably thinking, “how bad can baby boogers be?” Holy cow! Who knew such big boogers can come out of such a little nose. 

You can use your nose suckers as much as you want, but sometimes the boogers are too sticky that you have to try to use your finger nail to pull it out. Ya, it’s as gross as it sounds. 

You almost wish their little tiny fingers could just get them out because it is a lot of work getting boogers out sometimes. 

  3. Sore baby rolls 

Everyone knows a chubby baby is the best. However with that comes rolls upon rolls of skin. 

This is (still) a live and learn experience for my husband and I since we have quite the chubster. 

If you do not throughly clean all those rolls, things like sweat, milk, dirt and who knows what else will get in those rolls and make them red and sore. 

Not only are they red and sore, they also smell like a dirty, stinky belly button. Yup, gross. 

Watch for these sore spots especially under their neck… Our little one has them under her chubby arm pits as well. 

We clean those spots well with a diaper wipe a few times a day and put diaper rash cream on them if they’re really bad. Once they heal we just keep baby powder on those spots to help them from getting too sore. 

Don’t get me wrong, babies are wonderful and adorable and oh so cuddly. However, they are also gross little things at times.

Which is why, God made babies cute… So we can forgive them for being yucky at times. 😉 

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