The magic of breast milk

I am sure you hear things every now and again about how breast milk has magical powers. In a sense, this is true! Breast milk is an amazing thing that has many other uses than just keep our baby’s healthy.

Most of the things I am mentioning can be just used with breast milk, but you can also mix it with coconut oil to help with other things…enjoy!  1. Cradle Cap

Sometimes, a baby will get cradle cap, which is slightly gross. Well, mixing some coconut oil and breast milk together and putting it on the baby’s head helps get rid of all those yucky yellow flakes!

Our little one has not had a huge problem with this, but I have made this cradle cap cure a few times and it helped get rid of the little bit she had, as well as prevent more from appearing!

2. Pink eye

This one most moms have heard about. Put some breast milk in your baby’s eye if infected and BAM! It will get better and you may not even need antibiotics.

  3. Baby acne and/or eczema

Did you recently have a night out or a bad cold and need to “pump and dump” as they call it? Don’t throw away that milk! Put it in a bag and freeze it, you can still use it.

My little one got baby acne really bad when she was about 4 weeks old. I put break milk on her face and/or in her bath to help clear the spots. I saw improvement after just a few days!

Same goes to babies with eczema. Draw them a bath and put breast milk in it, or put some milk on their skin and let air dry. (For eczema you could even add coconut oil to help prevent dryness.)

4. Diaper rash

This is without a doubt my favorite use for breast milk and coconut oil! Clearing diaper rash, especially when it is really sore, is painful sometimes for your little one. Also, I found that most creams do not help on my baby’s tush when it is sore.

After doing my research for natural remedies, I found that breast milk and coconut oil can help diaper rash. So, I gave it a try.

I found the easiest way to get breast milk on my wiggly baby’s bum is by just squirting it on there, but you could just put some if you rather. I let the milk air dry, then i put on some coconut oil. The oil is great because it helps poop not stick to the already sensitive areas. I found this to work quickily and without an discomfort for my little one.

I hope some of these tips for breast milk uses gives you some insight to new possibilities. Also, feel free to let me know of any other uses I did not mention!

*Please note not everyone will see improvements with these suggestions. All babies and their reactions to things are different.


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