Unnecessary baby items that you really don’t need

7240529_f520So, there are SO many gadgets and dohickies you can get now for all stages of baby life. But do you really need them?

I have found I bought, or was gifted, a few items that I have had no use for since my baby was born.

1. Diaper wipe warmer

Seriously, we all turned out just fine as kids without warm diaper wipes. A baby won’t die with a bit of cold on their bum.

Plus, I tend to diaper change right before eating… So the coolness of the wipe helps to wake up baby before eating.

I would not waste your time or money on this, personally.

2. A million baby blankets

I would say I rotate through about 10 baby blankets that I like. Which means I let the remaining 29473839 baby blankets we acquired sitting in a drawer, taking up room.

It’s nice that people buy or make baby blankets as a staple gift for new parents, but really.. We don’t need that many.

I do laundry once a week so all my favourite blankets get cleaned and I use those again.

3. Baby mittens

Now, this is MY opinion, but baby mittens for newborns are a waste of my life. They don’t stay on and I always seem to lose one.

I found that unrolled socks worked better for my peanut, or night time outfits that had mittens that you could unroll and use if you chose.

Obviously you want to make sure something is on baby’s hands to keep those tiny spear nails from scratching their cute little face, but with a wiggly baby (like mine) I had absolutely no luck with baby mittens.

4. A Bassinet

When we planned for baby we bought a Moses basket bassinet. We figured baby could sleep in that once she was born… Ya right.

We tried the bassinet, but baby wasn’t having it… So we gave in and now she sleeps in our bed.

Especially for moms who breastfeed, sometimes co-sleeping is the way to go, especially if having to get up every 2 hours to feed.

So, my suggestion is before you go buying a bassinet or something for your newborn, think long and hard on if co-sleeping may happen.

Bassinets are NOT cheap, so don’t waste the money if you don’t have to.

5. Tummy time mats

I have two tummy time mats, that are super cute, sitting in my closet at home. I think I used them a handful of times with my little one and really did not like it.

I prefered using a normal blanket or mat, without any interactive dangling toys and noise makers, and playing with my baby on it.

Now, I can see how tummy time mats could be great, I just don’t find them extremely useful and not something I would waste MY money on.

*Again, these are things that I find a bit unnecessary with a baby. Everyone is different and has their own opininos on the things I listed.

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