Product Review: Hyland’s Baby Organic Tablets

My tiny human just cut her first tooth the other day and man, was she miserable!

I rushed to the health food store to find something organic, and not Tylenol, to give to my little one to help ease some of her teething discomfort.

DSC_1502a-700x700I have a friend who swears by these Hyland’s Baby Teething Tablets, they are easy dissolve and they do wonders with helping her little guy out. So, I figured why not give them a try.

An employee at the health food store showed me where the products were, and I was excited to find out they do more than just teething tablets! They also make Vitamin C, Tiny Cold, and Nighttime Teething Tablets.

I bought them all.

You see, along with her first tooth cutting through, my baby also had a slight cold from her first week of daycare.

As soon as we got to the car, I opened up the teething tablets and let two dissolve on her tongue. Within minutes it was like a completely different baby. All the tears and fussiness was gone and she happily sucked on her binky and fell asleep in the car.

13537802_10153632462328038_5867461744405022779_nLater we tried the tiny cold tablets, and after an hour and the recommended dosage, her runny nose had stopped and she could breathe a bit easier than she had before.

I also used the nighttime teething tablets and they are amazing! She slept a majority of the night without feeling any discomfort, which made for a happy baby and happy mummy.

Once the cold cleared, I started given the baby 1-2 of the Vitamin C tablets daily, just to help her immune system while at daycare. Seeing her sick was heart breaking, so I rather help her avoid that happening too often.

I absolutely LOVE these organic tablets for babies by Hyland. They are amazing and work quickly, especially when it comes to easing teething pain in little guys. They dissolve quick and my little one does not mind the taste of them!

I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this product to any mummy out there with a teething baby or a baby that has a cold and/or needs some immune boosting. I love this organic product and will continue its use as my baby grows and pops out more teeth.

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