Disney baby for life

This weekend, I decided to have a little mini shoot with Aurora in various outfits I bought from the Disney Baby collection. Needless to say, they are adorable and need to be shared with the World!

Obviously, the first outfit was none other than Minnie Mouse herself. My chunky monkey looks super cute in the little pink polka dot outfit, with matching ears and bow headband.

Since we live in Florida and it’s always a bazillion degrees out, we tried to keep Aurora out of the sunlight as much as possible. Not trying to match the Minnie outfit.

Aurora really enjoyed playing with the pretty pink tutu on this outfit…and I just LOVE her in those ears!!

Next up we had Belle, from Beauty and the Beast.

As we all know, Belle loves to read. So using books in this shot was important! (Were the books from the Twilight series? Yes…but you can’t see the titles so no judging!)

After one costume change, Aurora was getting a bit upset with me. Luckily, my brother tagged along to help out, so he stood behind me shaking a container of Puffs…she enjoyed getting little snacking in between shots (what a diva!)

Lastly, and probably my favorite outfit of the shoot, was Snow White.

We had a cute little fountain, an apple, and a fair-skinned beauty. All that was missing was some wildlife and an evil queen.

These photos were the most challenging to do Aurora really loving water…and wanted to play in the fountain. (Hence why I brought my brother as back up).

I was THAT parent, in the fountain up to my knees, getting the prefect shot. I am very happy with the result…I just love her as Snow White.

Overall I was super happy with how these photos came out…and even more so with how much of a champ my little princess is.

She loves getting her photo taken and posing, even if it’s a million degrees and there are multiple outfit changes.

I cannot wait to see what new Disney Baby outfits are to come for little Miss Aurora.

“Remember, you’re the only one who can fill the world with sunshine.” – Snow White

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