Baby Update: 18 months old!

18581982_10154512455353038_8726529769653539714_nHow do I have a toddler?

Time is flying by and our sweet little Peanut is growing up so fast!

It has been a fun few months seeing her learn and change and develop quite the personality!

Since a lot has happened in the last 6 months since my last post, be prepared for lots of pictures and details.

Height and weight: At her 18 month check up, Aurora was weighing in at 26 lbs (75%) and is standing at around 2 ft 7.5 ins (just under the 50%).

Our little shorty. However where she lacks in height, she makes up for in personality.

Noises and sounds: Aurora is a VERY opinionated little girl…even if most of it is babbling. 17362709_10154331699023038_5809811381972775005_n

She is saying words like “mummy, dada, baby and dog” Just recently she has started trying to mimic the words we say. She now tries to say things like “juice, cookie and poop”.

She also tries to sing along if we sing to her. It is pretty much the cutest thing ever.

Milestones: Over the last 6 months Aurora has hit TONS of milestones. She is a pro walker now, still working on running, but it’ll happen. She also has a mouth full of baby teeth, is weened off breast milk, can (sort of) eat with baby utensils, and has interest in her little potty.

Favorite things: Aurora loves playing with her friends (especially her boyfriend, Hank!) and loving on animals, she is always giving dogs she meets kisses and cuddles.18555870_10155306522213894_3891094422596982304_n

Aurora loves anything to do with water. We are working on swimming to the steps by herself.  She loves the beach and bath time as well as the pool!

Our little diva also loves picking out her own clothes/shoes for the day and does a pretty good job of matching things.

Aurora’s favourite TV shows are currently: Mickey Mouse (Donald Duck is her favourite), Elena of Avalor, Lion Guard, and most things Disney or animal related.

Aurora still loves food, whole milk, and teasing/feeding her goldfish to the dog…even if we tell her not to.

18268542_10154468200973038_2807509693649931851_nDislikes: Recent dislikes include putting on clothes when she wants to stay naked, not getting to handle her own food (too big for mum and dad to feed her, she has to do it herself!).

Aurora’s only other real dislike is bedtime (Man, does she fight it!) and getting in trouble when she is naughty.

Fun Things
: Aurora is really growing into such a lovely, cheeky, smart little girl. I will let pictures speak for themselves. Words can not express how much love we have for our little Peanut. She is the greatest blessing we could have asked for.

Looking forward to what adventures the next 6 months bring us!

Mummy and Daddy love you Peanut!



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