Baby Update: Oops…we did it again! 15 weeks

IMG_8189Well, looks like Baby Hill #2 is coming March 2018! Mummy and Daddy are thrilled to be having another tiny human! ❤

Baby Hill #2 is 15 weeks today! Growing fast, time is speeding by! At 15 weeks baby is the size of a mix tape. Measuring at around 3 inches in length! Pretty adorable if you ask me.

I am loving the fact I am showing a bit faster this time than with my first pregnancy, look at that little bump already!

Baby Doctor Appointment Update: At my check-up last week, everything was looking great! Baby’s heart rate was at a solid 145.

To my surprise, I have actually lost a couple of pounds since my first appointment at 9 weeks!


Symptoms: Although completely different from how I felt with Aurora, this time around the 1st trimester was equally as hard, if not harder.

Along with terrible fatigue (which could also be from having a toddler now), I had nausea on and off from about week 6 till week 13. It was truly one of the worst feelings of nausea I’ve had…it felt like I was super hungover…for DAYS! Pretty miserable.

Luckily, this time the nausea was just nausea and I was not physically sick at all (YAY!). I also have been able to take my prenatals AND brush my teeth without puking…which makes this mama super happy!

My mood swings were worse this time as well (Sorry to my husband…he got the most wrath from this symptom). Thankfully, I am feeling less moody and more back to normal as I get into my 2nd trimester.

Aversions: Really did not have any food aversions, which has been another change from my first pregnancy.  I went through a couple of weeks of being a bit repulsed by meat, but that went away pretty quickly.

Cravings: In the first trimester I was living off of pasta. ALL THE PASTA…and bagels.

In the last few weeks I have noticed more cravings for things such as pickles, cheese things (sticks, grilled, in grits).

I also have hit an all-time high of being basic with the amount I crave pumpkin spice flavoured drinks. Yes, I am THAT girl and I am okay with it 🙂

IMG_8102Gender Predictions: Mummy would like a little boy, while Daddy thinks another little princess would be awesome! Big sister does not quite get that we’re having another baby, so at the moment, she does not care which sex this little one is.

Other Fun Things: We traveled to England a few weeks ago and were able to tell my Husband’s family in person we were pregnant again, which was very exciting, since with Aurora we told them by phone or social media.


15 weeks down, 25 more to go! 

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