Baby Update: 22 weeks!

IMG_8633Wow! Time is really flying with this pregnancy… I can’t believe we are just a few months away from being a family of four!

This week, baby is the size of a Burrito (with the works). Measuring at around 11 inches and weighing just over 1 pound.

Baby Doctor Appointment Update: At this appointment, baby was being quite stubborn with letting us listen to the heartbeat. After kicking the Doppler a few times, we found it. Heart beat was a solid 130.

Symptoms: I had the feeling this week with tiredness and some random moments of being light-headed, that my iron was too low. (This happened with my first pregnancy as well). Sure enough, my Iron is around 3 points too low… bring on the supplements and fiber-filled foods.

My back pain is also starting to come and go throughout the day, especially at night.  Other than that though, I am feeling great and enjoying my growing baby (and belly).



Gender Predictions: We found out on Halloween that we’re adding another GIRL to our family! Baby Violet will be a great little addition to the Hill house.

Other Fun Things: Baby’s kicks are really getting more prominent. She even managed to kick hard enough the other night that her big sister felt it. Aurora was not sure and looked at my belly and said, “UH OH!”, but I explained its just her baby sister saying hello 🙂

Now that we confirmed we are having another little princess, I am looking forward to going through all the things I saved from Aurora to prepare for baby Violet. We can’t wait to snuggle are little girl in just a few short months. ❤

22 weeks down, 18 more to go! 

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