Toddler Update: 2 years old!

img_8611.jpgHOW IS MY BABY TWO?! Excuse me while I wipe tears from my eyes… I could not be more of an emotional mess today.

Yes, I love seeing her bloom into a little person with some much personality…but at the same time I hate how fast time is flying by and how much I miss the little ball of squish she once was.

She is also starting PreK2 today…so cue the water works. She has only ever been in a daycare run from someone’s home or with family, so starting school like a big girl is very exciting and scary all at once.

Height and weight: At her two-year old check up, Aurora was weighing in at 28.5 pounds (75%) and standing at a cute 33 inches (40%). Our sweet Peanut is healthy and growing great!

Noises and sounds: Peanut is really trying to talk more and more now. Her vocabulary includes: Mumma, Dada, no, mine, go, juice, cheese, dog, pee/poo, more, cookie, hello/bye, and a majority of close family’s names.

We started working on colors and counting, which she tries to copy when we say it. We have also been working on animal sounds, so she can make a sound like a cat, dog and squirrel.

Milestones: Trying to talk and putting two words together are pretty big milestones, but the biggest would probably be starting school tomorrow!

Favorite things: Aurora loves swimming, going on walks outside, playing with other kids, snuggling with her “friends” (Mickey, Minnie, and Pluto stuffed toys). She loves fruit and green vegetables, pizza, animals, watching Moana, Mickey Mouse and Puppy Dog Pals on the tellie.

Dislikes: Aurora is very stubborn, so when she wants something, she does not like when she doesn’t get her way.


She also does not like when she gets her hands dirty, we have to have wipes handy to clean them after eating or if playing in something messy.

Fun Things
: Aurora is really such a little fireball of personality and sass. She pushes the limits, smiles cheekily and has quite the sense of independence and adventure.

She is also super sweet and kisses her little sister in Mummy’s belly on a daily basis.

Out Peanut had a great second birthday and a great first day of school! Daddy and Mummy could not be more proud of her! We ❤ you baby girl.

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