Baby update: 28 weeks!

28weekbumppicHello there third trimester!

I feel like time is really flying this pregnancy…perhaps that is because I am constantly chasing around a toddler 😉

This week baby is the size of a giant banana split (yummy!) She is measuring in around 14 inches and weighing around 2 lbs!

Lots of fun still to come in the next couple months, but I am already getting anxious to meet our little girl!

Baby Doctor Appointment Update: Baby girl was all hyped up at the last appointment since I had to also take my glucose test. She was all wiggly, but her heart rate was around 140! She is still staying pretty steady in the 130-140 range.

24232104_10155051163293038_5088027297225140402_nSymptoms: Nothing too crazy happening in this realm of pregnancy. I am finding I already am waddling, which is hilarious.

I also am starting to really have some back pain happening, but I knew that was coming since it was the same the first time around.

I did have an upper respiratory infection and a nasty sinus-like cold… that after 2 weeks is STILL lingering and making life a challenge. You forget how much you miss your normal cold medicines until you are sick and prego.

aurorawithbump1217Other Fun Things: Baby girl is really starting to stretch out and move around more and more in there. Daddy and big sister can feel her movements as well! She gets extremely active when big sister comes around for cuddles, I’d say its sibling love already!

We are looking forward to some time off work/spending time with family for the Christmas/New Years break. (I am most looking forward to wearing leggings and comfy shirts for a week).

Come January I plan to really kick my organizing and preparing into gear and finish setting up the girls’ play room. Can’t believe in just 3 short months we will have another princess to snuggle and love. ❤

28 weeks down, 12 more to go! 

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