Baby Update: 36 weeks

27867358_10155241660503038_3100306508471451186_nI know I have been the absolutely WORST with doing my baby update blogs…but between work, keeping a toddler alive, and the constant need to pee…I find my days coming and going in the blink of an eye.

So I figured, I should probably do at least one more update before Violet is here, you know, to keep everyone in the loop.

kettlebellViolet is now the size of a lightweight kettle bell.

Weighing around 5-6 lbs and measuring between 18-19 inches long. My stomach has been measuring on the smaller end the last two appointments, so I don’t think she will be a very long baby when she is here.

Appointments: We are now on weekly appointments (YIPPIE…) As of my appointment earlier this week, my cervix is softening, but no dilation yet.

Baby’s heartrate has stayed around 140-145 the last few appointments. Nice and consistant.

I keep hoping (more like wishful thinking) that she may make her appearance early, but I have a feeling, just like her big sister, she is to comfy and will wait till we encourage her to come out.

28059196_10155246622373038_9125303612701918319_nDate Predictions: Her due date is March 16, so my guess is going to be March 17 (St. Patty’s Day baby!).

Now, this could change, because unlike with my first, I don’t want to sit around an extra week being uncomfrotable…so I do plan to ask my doctor about setting up an induction date to get her out if she is too comfortable 😉

Symptoms: I am officially peeing nearly once an hour. Baby girl sits SO LOW and constantly squishes my bladder.

I have also hit that point in every pregnancy when you can’t sleep or get comfortable… to be honest, today was the first day I woke up and thought to myself, “yup, I am SO DONE being pregnant” 

26907129_10155152940613038_8457721080829993039_nFun things: It’s been a while, so a few fun things have happened, but I will only mention my FAVOURITE things.

First, we got to do a 3D ultrasound of baby! She was being stubborn the first session, so we ended up coming back the next day to try again. She is already so beautiful, I could cry.

Secondly, My adorable sister flew from NYC to surprise me a couple of weekends ago and throw me a baby shower. We had a good time celebrating baby Violet and my family/friends did a wonderful job with gifting us things that we needed still.

Aurora is really loving my big belly and her baby sister, giving her kisses and cuddles and attempting to feed her things through my belly button..which is hilarious.

I am trying to enjoy every last day with the big belly before it is gone (even though I can’t wait for it to be gone so I can be a bit more mobile again).

Can’t believe in just 4 short weeks we will have another little princess to love and care for.

36 weeks down, 4 more to go!

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