Baby Update: She’s here! Violet’s birth story

**Let me start off by saying, I am sorry for the delay, but I am having to back date this post by 5 months because life with two little ones is HARD (but totally worth every second)!**

I am going to use this post to tell you how our day went before we welcomed our second beautiful princess into the World.

snap4:30a ET — Michael and I arrive at the hospital for my scheduled induction. *Please note this is 2 days after Violet’s due date*

We check in, and take a seat, waiting for our names to be called. Yes, I also played with Snapchat filters…no shame!

Of course, with the full moon, we ended up waiting a while due to all the active labors that came in! One woman came in, and within 30 mins she had her baby!

6:15a ET — We finally get into our delivery room and they give us the paperwork to sign. We talk to the lead nurse for a brief second before hearing over her radio that there was a breach baby. She ran out of the room to help with that emergency.  At this point I also changed into my adorable Posh Pushers labor gown and got comfy in the hospital bed, which was my spot for the next 12 hours.

6:50a ET — The head nurse comes back, looking frazzled and ready to go home (can’t say I blame her with the night she had been having!). We handed her our paperwork and she told us the day-shift nurses would be in soon to introduce themselves.

7:00a ET — Two happy faces come in to say hello. Tiffany, an RN, and Lauren, an interning RN, were taking care of me. These two made the entire labor/delivery process so amazing I could (and might) write an entire post about them! They introduce themselves and tell me all about what to expect today. They soon head out to call Dr. Taylor for directions on what to do to begin the process of getting this baby out of me.

8:00a ET — Tiffany and Lauren get me all hooked up with an IV and start the antibiotics I need to counteract the Group B Strep I tested positive for this pregnancy…they said they would be back in a couple of hours to start the induction medicine.

10:20a ET — Tiffany and Lauren hook up the Pitocin and we get the party started! I am awake and ready to start getting the contractions going and meet my little baby!

11:00a ET — Dr Taylor was on call this day, which was great because she is an amazing OBGYN. She came in to check on me and see how I was feeling. She also broke my water…which is a super weird feeling/experience! (My water never broke completely with my first pregnancy, so this was new to me). Dr. Taylor also let me know what I was able to get my epidural whenever I wanted, so they went ahead and called the anesthesiologist to head my way.


12:30p ET — At this point the contractions were NOT consistent. They would go from mild to intense and occurred anywhere from every 2-5 minutes. Around this time the anesthesiologist came in and she was the bomb! She got the needle in in one try and it was glorious! A+ to her, she was also super friendly which made everything better.

1:00p ET — Contractions are still irregular, but I think (from what I can feel)  they were getting more intense. Tiffany and Lauren had me also laying on my side with a funny shaped birthing ball in between my legs.

TMI/For a laugh…every time I had a contraction I would pass gas, involuntarily, which would then make me laugh, which would make the censor on my stomach move and we would lose the baby’s heartbeat. This happened constantly causing one of the nurses to run in to check on the baby. I was being a trouble maker, sorry not sorry ladies.

By this point in the day I think I was losing it due to exhaustion/excitement/anxiousness, hence the case of the giggles I had over the next couple hours.

3:00p ET –– Tiffany, Lauren and Dr Taylor would randomly come in to check on how dilated I was, which was a slow progression. By around this time I was getting closer to 8cm…SO CLOSE! I told them this baby BETTER come out before shift change.

I was not about to let my two amazing nurses leave without helping me deliver my little girl!

29683735_10155346204383038_7245418399768192636_n4:30p ET –– My contractions were still not that intense, so I honestly figured I was still a few hours out from delivering. Around this time, I started to get the uncontrollable case of the shivers. I was FREEZING all of a sudden. My mom went to go tell the nurses I needed another blanket, but mentioned she personally thought I was ready to deliver and just didn’t realize it.

Dr. Taylor and the nurses came in, checked my cervix and said “it’s time to have a baby now”. So they got everything set up in preparation for baby’s delivery. Dr. Taylor even let Michael suit up to help deliver!

5:00p ET — Time to push! Now, when I say I literally pushed 3 times and she was out, I mean it. My husband swears is was 90 seconds and that is all.

First push, they could see baby’s head and told me she had hair! With that, I did not want a break and was ready for another push. I pushed again and her head came out, showing she had her cord wrapped around her neck… thankfully with Michael helping, he was able to hold baby’s head while Dr. Taylor pulled the cord down below her shoulders. One last push and there she was!


5:02p ET — Violet Elizabeth Rose Hill made her debut on March 18. Weighing 8lbs 9 oz and was 20ins long. She is practically perfect in every way. Violet is such a sweet, chubby bundle of joy. We were instantly so in love!

This birth experience was absolutely amazing! A huge shout out to my husband for getting my all the apple juice my heart desired and for helping deliver our baby, to my mom for being their as a supporter and photographer, and a massive shout out to Dr. Taylor, Tiffany and Lauren, you ladies made me laugh, feel confident and safe throughout the induction process and I feel so blessed you were my team to bring Violet into the World. Thank you so so so much.



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